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Andy Bastrmadjian

Andy Bastrmadjian

Realtor / Pasadena Office
  • Cell Phone: 626-487-1446

I grew up in the beautiful tranquil streets of Pasadena but later relocated to Sun Valley. Sun Valley borders many thriving cities and is the central hub for most LA travel as everything is in close proximity. 
From a young age my father sparked an interest into this industry and the flame has stayed lit as I grew. I’ve always been fascinated with the art of financial freedom through the entrepreneurial pathway of being a real estate agent. I have been in-love with this industry for as long as I can remember, always asking questions and figuring out a roadmap to success in my head. I have always been driven in the sales department as I can dictate my own income and make sure to negotiate and represent my clients in the most professional way possible. Clients come first, before anything as they are the heart of any transaction. I have always had small business for as long as I can remember as I never liked to sit still. Ive always been involved with sales regardless of age as it has always been my passion. Some of those businesses include the reselling of high end clothing, car sales, and sales in the aquatic industry. I’ve always represented myself professionally as well as the other parties involved and I can proudly say I’ve always remained honest regardless of how it will impact me.
I’d love to represent any clientele in the socal area as I’m not afraid of travel! I know and have a great understanding of Los Angeles as it’s where I was brought up and will dominate the market as I know it so well. 
My father has always been involved in many business ventures such as restaurant ownership, banquet hall management, and has maintained a beautiful investment portfolio. He’s always allowed me to tag along so I thank him for guiding me into this industry. He is never scared to take a risk and has taught me the same. He’s my biggest role model and the person who influenced the way a think.

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